If you have successfully completed the previous steps for setting up a User Account then you should be looking at your User Profile page.  This is a simple page giving only a basic biography and picture as well as listing boats on which you are assigned as a crew-member and outstanding invitations to boats.  If you are the owner of a boat then you must Add a boat by following these steps:

  1. Click on the link entitled "Add a boat" under the heading "Crewmember for:" on the right-hand-side of your User Profile page.
  2. On the following form enter: your boat name; a brief bio/description of the boat (don't worry you can change/edit this later); and most importantly your boat URL extension.  The boat URL extension is like the username for your boat.  Like your username it must be made of letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens only.  This forms the URL which people can use to view your log posts, photos and maps such as http://www.svlogbook.com/MyBoatName/.  Think about this carefully because you only get to set this once and it cannot be changed. Some hints for selecting a good URL extension are:
    1. If your boat consists of multiple words like "My Boat Name" then capitalise the first letter of each word and concatenate them into a single word like so: "MyBoatName"
  3. Congratulations, you have now set up a boat profile.  You can improve the look of your profile by Uploading a Profile Picture of your boat.

You will notice that after you have followed the above steps then under the "Crew" heading you will be the only crew member assigned to this boat.  By default the creator of a Boat Profile is assigned as the "Captain and Owner".  You can click on your name to go back to your User Profile where you will see that the boat is linked to your User Profile and listed under the "Crewmember for" heading.

Move on to the next tutorial to learn how to add additional crew members to your Boat Profile.