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Hamilton Island

We checked into Hamilton Island marina so Jemma could organise her day trip/dive out to the reef (on Saturday the 17th), and so Sonja could finally...

16 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Stonehaven Bay (Hook Island) - Chance Bay (Whitsunday island

Dumbell Island, Whitehaven beach Updates soon!

15 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Airlie Beach to Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island

Updates coming soon!

13 Sep 2016 by: Scott


Sinking of the trailer sailer ODEA MARINER!! Provisioning, sailing club memberships and beers at sunset.

12 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Shaw island - Hamilton Island - CID Harbour

The arrival of daughter Jemma! Updates coming soon. Shaw island - Dent passage (Hamilton island) - Sawmill bay (CID Harbour)

11 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Brampton island - Shaw Island

Departed this morning at 0700hrs and arrived at Shaw Island at 1200hrs. More Humpback whale sightings along our route, 3 groups with calves. The we...

10 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Scawfell - Brampton Island

After spending two nights at Scawfell Island, we set off at 0640hrs into calmer weather, forecasted as an easterly wind 10-15 knots and seas around...

09 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Middle Percy - Scawfell Island

Departed West Bay at 0600hrs, reefed main set, poled out head sail and motoring. logged on with coast guard Thirsty Sound on channel 80 (after 0800...

07 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Pearl Bay - Middle Percy Island

Departed Pearl Bay at 0820 hrs, main sail set and motoring while we made some water with the water maker and did some battery charging. Swell was a...

04 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Port Clinton - Pearl Bay

We departed Port Clinton (south arm) at 1215pm for Pearl bay, tide 3.4 meters and falling with low water at 1640hrs today, and high water at 2251hr...

03 Sep 2016 by: Scott

GKI - Port Clinton

This morning we departed GKI for Port Clinton at 0700 and logged on with Great Keppel Sands, who advised we log off prior to entering Port Clinton ...

01 Sep 2016 by: Scott

Yellow patch - Great Keppel Island

Off to Great Keppel Island today, weighed anchor at 0730 at high tide and made our way out of yellow patch via the same track that we used on the w...

31 Aug 2016 by: Scott

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