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Alongside the old town wall of Bergen

Bergen, once considered the historic capital, is bustling with tourists. We got lucky as a British yacht was leaving a spot alongside the old town ...

10 Aug 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Alongside at Kollevåg

After a bit of sightseeing and tidying up the boat we took off South with a gentle breeze taking us back down to Bergen. It was slow and comfortabl...

09 Aug 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Exploring North of Bergen, Alongside at Fedje

Today we followed what seemed like an impossible squiggle on a map that some local sailors shared with us. We barely got to meet them but were raft...

07 Aug 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Just North of Bergen

Mark did take a swim but just to check the anodes, he was very swiftly out again! We took off and headed up avery scenic route past Bergen, decidin...

06 Aug 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored out in the out harbours again

With poor weather on the forecast the planned long sail up the Hardanger Fjord and 2 day long trek up to see the glacier did not seem prudent. I am...

03 Aug 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Getting to know Høylandsbygd

With the bulk of our work done we have been enjoying some outings with the locals and getting to see real Norway. We have made a few friends here a...

02 Aug 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Langfossen Waterfall, docked at Høylandsbygd

Deciding it was time to have a day off work and go sightseeing, we motored down Åkrafjorden to Langfossen, reputedly the 7th most beautiful waterfa...

25 Jul 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored at Romsa

Once home to a population of about 60 this little island was purchased by the government so they could relocate the residents to be closer to schoo...

24 Jul 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored at Borgundoya

The winds around southern Norway were strong SE which bent around the mountains creating perfect SSE winds departing Haugesund. The winds then fur...

20 Jul 2017 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Alongside the town wall in Haugesund

After having not been in a marina since leaving Sangdefjord near Oslo last week, we needed to get some water and groceries. We tied up to the wall...

17 Jul 2017 by: Mark on Tuuletar

Enjoying Norwegian council facilities

We took off a little bit too early for a wind shift and had to motor into a head wind for a little while once it swung and we enjoyed a nice sail t...

15 Jul 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Tied to a rock in "The Blue Lagoon"

After a couple of relaxing days at an anchorage featuring council provided hot water showers which were better than most marinas we have been to, w...

14 Jul 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

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