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Red Sun at Night, Sailor's Delight

Tonight the sun went red to bed, with the promise of a good day ahead...our final sunset on the high seas! The passage is winding down so sweetly,...

17 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

On Our Way!!

Sunrise--winds 18 knots N-NW. Not the ideal wind angle yet, but if we are to landfall in Florida in the morning (always preferred) we needed to le...

16 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer


We reached latitude 26 N just before 0200 hrs and hove-to. We could see lightning on the horizon from the massive storm to our north. Good thing ...

15 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

The Final Front(ier)

We've weathered the cold front today. Throughout this last night, the winds slowly intensified and shifted around from the SE to the S, then SW an...

14 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

New crew member

Like many new parents we are feeling rather overwhelmed. The boat baby is thriving, although we have certainly had our stormy moments on this passa...

13 Mar 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Planning Ahead

All in all it was a very pleasant day today, besides the motoring. Nep has established himself as the ship's cook this week, serving the captain b...

13 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

1/2 way to Florida

A classic gear failure today: the ship's head! For the past few days, the head (toilet) has developed an alarming habit of spraying a jet of fecal...

12 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

Back on Board.....

Great times had in both Tasmania & Melbourne, really great to catch up with everyone. The Wooden Boat Festival (Hobart) was very enjoyable & so was...

11 Mar 2017 by: Julie on Clawdette

The Final 1,000 Miles

The moustaches are gone, and we are at sea once more. Privateer is laden with fresh provisions for her final 1,000 ocean miles, bound for Florida....

11 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer


We enjoyed our last passage sunset and sailed through the windy night with our storm sails set, for the final 100 NM approach. Timing worked out p...

03 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

Across the Atlantic, Into the Caribbean Sea!

A banner milestone day today! Our brave and weather-worn gal Privateer has crossed another ocean, with the Caribbean sea is now rushing under her ...

02 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

Feb 28-Mar 1, Cape George Cadillac

For the past 48 hours Privateer has battled squall after squall after squall after squall after squall. During the day they're easy to see, but th...

01 Mar 2017 by: Peter on Privateer

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