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Made it to Oslo

Wow... After a long day of mostly motoring we made it down the Oslofjord into city set upon a natural harbour that rivals Sydney. Never thought we'...

26 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Hiding from the wind near Strömstad

Thought we would sneak in a few miles this morning before the wind came up, but ended up regretting that... The sea state really kicked up quickly ...

24 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Fjällbacka for midsummer festivities

We got up early to head through the Hamburgo canal and up to Fjällbacka to participate in traditional Swedish Midsummers festivities. The landscape...

23 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Heading North, sotekanalen

We are continuing North while the weather is good and trying to work out which town to bunker down in for the poor weather this weekend as well as ...

22 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored at Bringelbarsh overnight

As nice as Gothenburg is, it is still a city and we are loving being out of the cities these days. So as soon as possible we headed back out to the...

21 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Lille Bommen, Gothenburg

Sailing down the channel into Gothenburg was rather picturesque. The city boasts some rather grand buildings and the Architect on board had the cam...

20 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored at Kungso near Vrango

Last night we wound through the islands and checked out a few spots before deciding to join half of the Gothenburg pleasure boating fleet at Kungso...

18 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored at Styrso

Last night we joined our new Dutch/Swedish friends with the Seafinn, around at Styrso, not only is this a beautiful spot but it provided better pro...

17 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored near Stora Kanso

We spent a few nights at Okero as Mark had some work to do and the winds were pretty strong. These are quite remarkable islands, incredibly rocky a...

14 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Ockero harbour

With a 0530 start we made good time in a steady breeze up the West coast of Sweden. The winds were a bit lighter than forecast so we even had the g...

11 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Alongside in tiny Glommen

As we had been warned it can be a short choppy sea in these very shallow waters but after a few hours the wind eased a little, which calmed the sea...

10 Jun 2017 by: Catherine on Tuuletar

Anchored at the mouth of the Roskilde Fjord

With a good forecast we were impatient to get sailing. We had decided to head for Anholt, an island in the middle of the Kattegat and hop from ther...

09 Jun 2017 by: Mark on Tuuletar

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